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Saying Thank You Over the Holidays

Saying Thank You Over the Holidays

This is the time of year where we gather with family and friends to show we care and appreciate that they are in our lives. There are many that will receive time off to get a break before starting the new year and there are many that will not – including retail and restaurant workers…this is their “Superbowl” Season. Bring that extra Holiday Spirit into the lives around you by sharing a smile and bringing an extra dose of patience as many parts of the country are still experiencing staffing and stocking shortages.

Tokens of Appreciation

Many people are out and about searching for those tokens of appreciation and while some are “easy to shop for”, there are some that give us pause and challenge our creative thinking! Do you have anyone like that? There may even be a few people that are new to your list this year such as a Centric home health team member. In the past, we have received inquiries from our patients’ families asking what is the best way to say Thank You to our staff and if it is appropriate or acceptable to give them a small gift.

5 Easy Ways to Say Thank You

Below are 5 easy ways you can say thank you to your loved one’s health care provider during your holidays.

  1. Have a card signed by the family for your loved ones home health care provider.
  2. Find out their favorite dessert and make it for them. As with any food item, be sure to ask about food allergies.
  3. Include them in a family photo. If you do this then please get permission before posting to social media.
  4. Invite them over for the family dinner or have a meal prepared for them that they can take home.
  5. Put together a coffee or hot chocolate gift set with a mug from your kitchen that comes with a story.

Remember home health care providers are not just nurses and home assistants. They also can be massage therapists, physical therapists or someone who spends time with your loved one.

From your team at Centric, thank you for entrusting us to provide the best care for your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you over the holidays.


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