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What to Consider for Medicare Open Enrollment 2022

What to Consider for Medicare Open Enrollment 2022

Centric Health Medicare Open Enrollment

Yes… It is that time again when you plan for the next year’s medical possibilities, hoping what you foresee and what actually happens fits within your plan and budget. Medicare Open Enrollment is here as you are probably well aware of the sudden influx of emails in your inbox and letters in your mail telling you all about your options. The question still remains, “What is the best option for me?”

Unfortunately, this blog isn’t going to be able to answer that for you directly as every person and situation is unique to you, your needs, and the area in which you live. It will, however, be able to shed light on the key items to focus on!

Changes You’re Allowed To Make

Open enrollment is the time period that current Medicare holders can make adjustments to their plans and change their coverage. But WHAT can you change?

  • HOW YOU RECEIVE CARE – Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan

For this, you must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B, as well as live within the Medicare Advantage plan’s service area.

  • MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN OPTIONS – with or without drug coverage

If you have recently made a move to a different part of the state or a different state altogether, changing your plans may not be optional for you, your current plan may not be available to you and your current area.

  • DRUG PLANS – join, switch, or drop

Not sure if you need to adjust this part of your Medicare plan? Watch for signs that something needs to change. Have your medication needs to be changed? Has your current plan’s formularies or tiers changed? Are you not able to take full advantage of your current plan? Are the “in-network” options inconvenient or non-existent?

I Don’t Have Any Changes

Maybe none of these applies to you. It is still recommended that you review your current coverage and the different options that are available to you this next year.

  • Your medical needs change. Remember, this open enrollment is not for how you are at this moment right now, it is for what you predict will take place in the next year only. Not the next 5 years, just one. What do you foresee happening in the next year?
  • Medicare options and plans change year after year allowing better options to come into your grasp if you have the time, patience, and open-mindedness to learn what they are and how they’ve changed.

If you have taken all this into consideration and your current plan is still the best one for you, you are all set and do not need to take any action with your Medicare Plans.

I Need to Change My Plan

(or at least research my options)

Great, this is just the start of your journey but it is important to know what your resources are and where to find them! There are several different places to find more information about Medicare Open Enrollment for 2022 such as this blog you’re reading now.

If you are ready to shop and compare Medicare Advantage Plans, don’t wait until the last minute. Start comparing your options now!

We Are Here For You

At Centric Home Health and Hospice, we are here (currently in Oklahoma and Texas) to provide you with the care, tools, education, and understanding you need to live your best days yet and reach your goals whether that is full mobility and recovery or ensuring the highest quality of life with those you love.

We are here. If you have questions or would like more information you can reach out to us in several ways including a contact form where you can submit your questions and concerns and a real person will reach out to you as soon as possible. Another way would be connecting with us via phone at 1.855.942.3687 where we will be able to provide you with the answers you’re seeking quickly and efficiently.

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