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Winter Storms: Lessons Learned From 2021 Valentine Storm

Winter Storms: Lessons Learned From 2021 Valentine Storm

Winter Storms And Lessons Learned

Do you remember February of 2021? Being a home health agency in Texas and Oklahoma, we remember the 2021 Valentine’s storm and it was not a sweet one. It began Wednesday, February 10th when a cold front moved in, with the first sleet and snow showing up on the 11th and a full winter lockdown happening on the 12th. This storm forced us southerners to survive through freezing power blackouts, communication issues, and travel advisories.

With this unforeseen weather, our own systems and team members were put to the test. Because no matter what the weather brings, we have patients who depend on us showing up, caring for them and making sure they are safe.

During that week we successfully cared for our patients and kept our team members safe. As a company, we stood steadfast during the valentine’s freeze and succeeded!

After the weather had subsided and we won, it was time to assess where we could improve and strengthen any gaps to prevent delaying patient care if something like this were to happen again in the future.

  • We’ve strengthened our communication infrastructures with updated technology that allows us to stay connected better with Patients, Families, and Vendors.
  • Additional protocols have been added to our standards to ensure care is uninterrupted in case of a prolonged weather event.
  • New relationships have been formed with community-based organizations to better coordinate and serve the needs of the local area.

Our goal at Centric is for you to receive the best home health care – no matter what mother earth and father sky bring. To become a patient and learn about how we can serve you, click here. To apply to join an award-winning team.