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Home health care includes a wide range of skilled nursing and social services delivered in your home.


Hospice is a program of end-of-life pain management and comfort care for those with a terminal illness.


Palliative care is comfort care that provides relief from symptoms and stresses that are associated with serious or life-limiting illnesses.



Who We Serve


Our purpose is to provide Patient-centered care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient needs and preferences. This ensures that patients’ values guide all clinical decisions. The goals of Home Health and Hospice care are to help individuals improve function and live with the greatest independence possible; to promote their optimal level of well-being; and to assist the patient to remain at home, avoiding hospitalization or admission into other acute care facilities.


At the heart of all our services is a patient- and family-centered philosophy of care. We invite families and caregivers to participate as equal members of our team. We believe mutual respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration between patients, family members, caregivers and healthcare providers is key to maintaining health and achieving the best possible outcomes.


When you choose to be part of a team who cares for people in their homes, it is not just a job, it’s your passion. Those who provide Home Health and Hospice care would say their greatest rewards come from their patients. We believe that an essential part of the care each patient receives comes from the deep rapport and one-on-one relationships developed by our Care Teams.


The entire community benefits when people remain active and can enjoy the best quality of life possible. As the population ages, access to clear and concise healthcare education and information is essential. Making complex situations easily understandable is just one way we serve our local communities. Educational seminars on the latest changes in Medicare, presentations on breakthroughs in treatments or providing vaccinations and hosting blood drives, these are just a few of the ways we contribute to the local communities we serve.


Living in a senior community or private home is increasingly popular. New technologies and improvements in medicine are allowing more people to live independently longer than ever before. Through our Home Health and Hospice services, we provide care that promotes independence, even to those with severe limitations.


When integrated into the continuum of care, Home Health and Hospice services help ensure that patients discharged from acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities do not suffer relapses that require rehospitalization. Our practice of patient-centered care allows us to deliver the best care possible in the most appropriate setting for the patient. Through our multi-disciplinary Care Teams that include nurses, physicians, certified nurse aides, therapists, social workers, and counselors, we support our acute care partners by continuing the quality of care they started.


How We Serve


Home Health care is focused on helping you manage a chronic condition or recover from an acute illness, surgery, accident, or a change in medical condition.


Hospice care offers end-of-life care, including support for your physical and emotional needs, and the needs of your family.


Palliative care focuses on addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the patient while recovering or receiving treatment.

What our patients, employees, and leadership say about Centric Home Health and Hospice:

Below are responses from our patients and caregivers regarding the care received from Centric Home Health and Hospice. 

*We have received verbal approval to post their statements to the Centric website with first name and last initial.*

”I liked the RN, she is the best thing.”

Peggy H.

“The lady that gives Dad his bath is really nice and the one that does the therapy is good too. They are really patient with Dad and very professional.”

Tom M.
Son of Billy M.

”I love the therapist and RueAnn, my social worker. He told me what to do when my pelvis was hurting. The nurses are special too and I wish they came more often.”

TrishBetty W.

“Centric Hospice is out of this world when it comes to supporting end-of-life issues. There are not enough kind words for the tireless efforts of their team committed to supporting you and your family through one of the most difficult times in life! I highly recommend their team!”

Penny A.


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